Coastal Computers offers Information Technology solutions to keep your computer systems & networks up-to-date and running smoothly. With our state of the art management software, highly trained technicians, and 24/7 availability we are confident your network will run smoothly. Using our remote support software, we are able to assist clients located anywhere in the United States.

Technical Support

Our dedicated team of tech professionals are here to solve all problems you have. Friendly, caring, and knowledgeable!


The networks we manage are faster, and do not have as much downtime. We do this by fine-tuning configurations for optimal performance.

Server Maintenance

Keeping your servers healthy is critical in any business environment. We stay on top of any problems to ensure you have no downtime.

Virus Removal

If you have noticed a change in your computers speed, it may have some digital cooties. No worries, we can fix that!


While we provide an array of services, we do not offer break-fix (one-time) services, we only offer support to people and businesses that subscribe to our Monthly Maintenance Plan. We do this, as we have found it is almost always cheaper over the course of the year for the client rather than paying the cost to service “one-time issues”. Our Monthly Maintenance Plan includes an enterprise-grade antivirus, and our time each month to keep your computer up-to-date, and running as fast as possible.

Residential Plan

$30/month for the first computer. Each additional computer is $10/month.

Business Plan

$30/month for each computer. Servers may be extra. Minimums required, contact us to learn more!